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Our Services

The following are services of the Darul Hadith institute:


1.  www.HadithAnswers.com: A Hadith Q&A service which attends to all matters related to the Noble Hadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam), like:

-Hadith Proofs
-Hadith Terminologies
-Narrators etc.

2. www.Al-Miftah.com: A blog that publishes articles, audios and e-books on a variety of Islamic topics.

Other services:

Reviewing books/posters etc before publication to ensure authenticity of the Hadith related content.

The Darul Hadith encourages one and all to first authenticate all content before broadcasting it, irrespective of the platform we choose to broadcast from.

When submitting articles for review, please keep the following in mind:

1. Our service is restricted to Hadiths that are cited in articles.

2. Please only submit one article at a time. You may submit the next one after receiving a reply to the one before.

3. When submitting lengthy articles, please paste the Hadiths in a separate file and the full article in another. The former request is to save us time, while the latter enables us to see the context in which the Hadiths are being quoted.

Addressing programs/seminars on current and academic topics.

You may submit your request via our ‘contact form’.

A quarterly newsletter, beneficial pamphlets and booklets. As well as weekly e-Newsletters.

Our quarterly newsletter, the Al-Binnory been named after Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Al-Binnory (rahimahullah); the most senior Teacher of our Ameer.

Weekly e-Newsletters are sent from our other two sites; www.Al-Miftah.com and www.HadithAnswers.com

You may subscribe to them on the home page.

Visit our Publications page for more.

A well stocked (and continuously updated) library that consists of primarily Arabic sources and some Urdu books. 

A well updated library is core to progress in any academic field. Every ‘Alim and Student of the Darul ‘Ulum is welcomed to visit us during office hours.

We are willing to share our catalogue with any Madrasah library or ‘Alim.

Offering support and guidance to educational initiatives globally, to ensure the smooth running of pure channels of knowledge.

The Darul Hadith offers advice pertaining to the academia and syllabi of Islamic Educational initiatives. The motive is to unify the pattern and methodology (manhaj) of such institutions. Feel free to contact us for this purpose.

A WhatsApp broadcast service.

Kindly save this number +27 81 328 5973 to your contacts and WhatsApp us your NAME and a ‘Please subscribe me’ message, to receive weekly broadcasts. (This service is not for Q&A)

You may post questions via the HadithAnswers.com website.

DarulHadith only attends to Hadith related queries and Hadith related misconceptions.

Daily Tweets

Follow @HadithAnswers for daily tweets of pertinent Hadith related Q&A.