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Sahih Bukhari Group Recitals


Darul Hadith Research Centre
 Durban, SA, in conjunction with Darul Hadith ‘Awwamiyyah Istanbul, under the auspices of our Ameers; Moulana Haroon Abasoomar and Shaykh Muhammad ‘Awwamah (hafizahumallah) encourage a global initiative of completing as many recitals of Sahih Bukhari as possible, on a daily basis, with the intention of drawing Allah’s mercy during the current epidemic.

Such completions during desperate times, were done by many Scholars of the past and present.

  • Responsible, qualified ‘Ulama are requested to host such recitals with their peers and followers who are capable enough for this task.
  • In light of the social restrictions in most countries, social media platforms, like WhatsApp/Telegram groups etc. may be used as an efficient tool for this essential initiative.


  • Volunteers (ahlul’ilm wal fadl) from around the globe are requested to share in this initiative and join the Whatsapp groups that are created for this purpose by authentic Scholars.
  • The attached is a basic guideline for distribution of portions to recite. The portions (125 in total) have been balanced, to match different capabilities. Readers may take more than one portion or even share a portion based on their ability, and availability.
  • A Pdf version of a clear copy of Sahih Bukhari can be downloaded here.
  • In groups that intend to complete daily khatms, the participants will recite the same allocation daily. (Unless they are able to mutually swop allocations with others on the same group…)


  • This request is for those who are able to recite properly and are qualified enough.
  • Volunteers are requested to be steadfast and punctual on the recital. For the acceptance and desired effect of any deed, it is essential to rectify the intention.

The above are mere suggestions, to facilitate ease and practicality.

May Allah Ta’ala alleviate the global suffering quickly.

See this link for more on this topic.



There are many ways to reach Allah. Ideally, every sort of (recommended/permissible) means should be adopted. Therefore, other forms of dhikr, du’a, sadaqah, salawat on Nabi (sallallahu ’alayhi wasallam) and tilawah etc, in addition to medical precautions must continue as well.


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